Sunday, October 23, 2016

What is Numerology?

 I stumbled across this online a few days ago and decided to write about it. I would never get have a psychic reading done because I just don't believe in it, but this is little different. All you need for a numerology reading is the full birth name given by your parents and your date of birth and computers are able to calculate things that no one else seems to be able see.
                             From what I've read, it was started by Pythagoras around 500 BC. The same guy who came up with the Pythagorean theorem, which is used in every math class today. It then appeared in a lot of different books throughout the years until modern computers were invented. This has taken this art to the next level.
                             A computer is able to immediately calculate the information and send out information about you that you probably didn't even know about yourself, helping you make decisions about relationships, jobs, and other events in your future. What it does is take 11 numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 22, then combine them with your date of birth to form a number that was predestined for you. It also converts your full birth name to a number with this chart:
1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9
A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I
J    K    L    M    N    O    P    Q    R
S    T    U    V    W    X    Y    Z   
                            As I said this is new to me but if you'd like to try a free reading just click the banner below and check it out for your self, just for fun of course.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How to Invest in your 401k

                            Not investing in a 401k plan is basically like throwing away free money every month. If you make $1000 every two weeks, most companies will actually match you dollar for dollar whatever you put in your 401k up to 6 percent. That means if you put $60 into your 401k every two weeks, then they will give you $60, so anyone that doesn't do this is throwing away $120 per month.
                          The first step to take is to contact your HR department and get the appropriate sign up information. If your company is participating, they will email the link to sign up. You don't have to do the max 6% to begin with. Most investment companies will let you do as low as 1% to get started, but I suggest the max to see fast results.
                         The downside to 401k is that they have very strict rules about taking money out, and if you want to take money out before you are 59 1/2  years old, there also pretty harsh tax penalties. They will charge you 10% plus the 30% that IRS takes out of your total yearly income depending on your tax bracket.
                         The alternative to withdrawing money is just to take out a loan. Most companies will allow you to take out up to two loans per year and it's your own money so it goes right back into your principal, minus the origination fee and interest. The minimum balance to take out a loan is usually $2000, so it will take about a year to get to that point. Once you reach it then they will let you take out a loan of 50% so you'll have $1000 to catch up on bills or whatever you need to do.
                         If you have to leave your job for any reason, you can contact the 401k admin and ask them for information on how to rollover your fund to a private company or to your next employer. This will help you avoid the tax penalties and continue to make money off of the interest.
                         If you have to withdraw after you leave employment, I would allow up to 5 weeks for them to release the funds to you. Most companies require that your employer contact them with a verification of termination and then process the release of funds for about three weeks.
                         This is just some basic information for beginners. I have worked at Wells Fargo, Chase and U.S.A.A. bank, and picked up some tips from the pros. Hopefully this is enough to get you started.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Luke Cage - Netflix TV Review

                        I thought this show was pretty dope. So far I've watched a couple of episodes and it seems to be headed somewhere really good.
                        The cast is actually pretty star studded for a Netflix series. The main character is played by Mike Colter, who I don't recognize from any other projects, but he is handling the part like a veteran. They also have a female supporting role of a character named Misty Knight played by an actress named Simone Missick who is really good and Bobby Fish played by my main man Ron Cephas Jones, from He Got Game.
                       There hasn't been a whole lot of action so far, but they've been building up the story really nicely. He's your typical down on his luck Marvel superhero trying to make ends meet, but with a darker side. I won't spoil it, but I'll just say he's done a few things I don't think Spiderman would do. The filming is kind of dark, sometimes a little too dark, so I miss a few things here or there during the fighting scenes, but the choreography is big screen quality.
                       The music in the first episode was pretty normal Netflix series type of background muzak, but then in the second episode they set it off with some hardcore Wu Tang Clan. It gave it kind of a Afro Samurai feel and that got me hooked. I especially liked that cause that meant the RZA was involved so maybe we'll some some Wu cameos.
                        I didn't like that Luke seems to find the n word offensive even when it's used by african americans. I think that was probably written in by a writer who is pretending to not understand the difference in how that word is used in different situations, but I'll pick my battles on that one.
                        I also didn't like all of the black on black violence. I know there are bad men in the hood that need to be taken down, but I also know that the crime is an after effect of rich white billonaires who refuse to put jobs in black communities and wont buy any advertising that supports african american films and projects. I think he should have gone after those guys first, but I'm sure an episode where he went out to Beverly Hills and whooped one of their asses would never get greenlit.
                       That being said I definitely will continue to watch this and I hope it spins off into a blockbuster movie. I going to go ahead and give this one 8 bouncing bullets out of 10.


How to find Blog Content

                    I think if you consistently write about 5 good relevant blogs a day for 6 months, you're pretty much guaranteed to start receiving highly targeted website traffic. The problem I've run into is it's not always easy to find a good topic to write about. I think the thing to remember is that there are really no rules. Some people try to stay in one niche, but I've noticed that if you write about food, chances are that same person is also interested in cellphones or movies or whatever else you write about as well.
                    I think the writing flows better when you're actually interested in what you're writing about instead of just writing about a topic that will help you bring in sales. I'm into movies, music and video games, so when I start writing about one of those topics, the words just come out freely from the heart. I've got a lot of posts where I just review certain movies or games that I've played. I always let everybody know that I'm not an expert and try to avoid spoilers.
                    There are other ways to get content. I've tried running feeds into blogs to automate the process. The problem with this is that Google search engines hate duplicate content. It'll show up and get a few clicks then dive down fast to the depths of nowhere land.
                    I've also tried software that auto generates articles. It'll take a topic and just spit out articles that have original content and even post it for you. If you do a Google search they're pretty easy to find. Recently I found a website that actually takes any keyword you put in, and creates long original looking articles for free. You can check it out if you search "articlecreator". The problem I've found with these methods is that they are usually full of grammatical errors and it' pretty easy to tell a human didn't write it. I think the search engines recognize it as junk as well.
                     Some people like to outsource and have other people write for them. I would be careful and make sure to use a reputable company for this. I've heard of really bad articles with terrible grammar and some writers will even use one of the methods I listed above and try to charge astronomical fees for it. I also think that people don't want to hear from "strangers" if they've been following you online.
                    So that's my 2 cents on finding blog content. I think the most important thing to constantly post and let your words do the work for you. Constant original content works better than any SEO or paid traffic source that I've been able to find.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Clickbank Marketing Tips

                    I always like to start out by saying that I am not an expert. I just have some information that may help people who are starting out and looking for answers. Hopefully this guide helps to save you from making some of the same mistakes that I've made.
                   The first thing you need to do on Clickbank is find the right product. The main categories that will make you money quickly are of course E-business and E-marketing, and Health and Fitness, because everybody wants money and a six pack. I don't suggest going for the one that pops up first in the marketplace search or the ones that everybody else is doing. These will work but a lot of times they are over saturated already and competition will be fierce. Instead I would suggest looking for a product that has a very low initial sale cost, under $30, and a high Average sale above $100. That means it's cheap to start but the rebill is going to bring in the big money later.
                   Once you pick a product, you'll need a good squeeze page. The best place to find one is under marketing and landing pages. You can find a pretty good one for about $10. Just add in your Clickbank affiliate link and plug and play. They even have some where you can add a video for better conversions.
                   Now that you have your squeeze page, you'll need a place to send all of your email address leads. You can start a free account at to manage these and send your Clickbank affiliate links out to your sales list.
                   The hidden tool to get traffic to your squeeze page is a site called This site has advertising campaigns that allow you to get 10,000 hits for $10. I didn't believe the traffic would work at first but I've seen it in action and it will actually bring hundreds of leads to your email list within hours.
                   Anyway this is just a starter course. I have a link to a more advanced course that I'm currently using on my side bar. Thanks for checking this out.